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When emails became simply too work related and impersonal Timothy Rennie, founder of
Oh! MAIL, decided to take inspiration from the 17th century, and their tangibly tactile wax sealed qualities, to create his own beautiful stationery concept for the 21st century. 

The thrill of receiving a handwritten message has become a very rare commodity and therefore a great luxury to be treasured and enjoyed. As Kiran Sidhu wrote in her article Handwritten Letters Belong to our DNA in The Guardian - “A letter is an act of creation in a way an email can never be. When someone sends you a handwritten letter, you receive a part of who they are.”


The Oh! MAIL concept is gloriously simple.
A4 sheets of beautiful Forest Stewardship Council certified paper milled in the Lake District.
The paper, pre-scored, is folded to postcard size and sealed on the back with one of our striking Oh! MAIL paper seals. On the front, with it’s hand-applied Inksplodge ink stamp, you simply
need to write the name and address of the lucky recipient and add a postage stamp.

Now it’s ready to post.
All without the need for an envelope.

Write it. Fold it. Seal it. Send it.